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Executive Message


Ramesh Verma

Warm Greetings,

As the Chairman of Aarvees Group, it fills me with great pride to witness the achievements we have earned through perseverance, diligence and honest hard work. In the past three decades since the Aarvees Group came into existence, I have seen the ever-evolving skylines transform the economy of this incredible country. I have immense gratitude to the Aarvees Family, who made it possible for us to contribute to the growth of the sophisticated landscape of the UAE.

The formula behind the success of Aarvees group is the keenness to keep growing and spreading our wings towards success by learning and taking risks. We didn’t allow our comfort zone and familiarity towards a specific industry to inhibit our prospects of growing the span of our expertise. Hence, we have excelled in multiple sectors, and I promise you we are just starting. I welcome you to explore our website to learn more about how we are giving our best to shape the industries that we serve.


Rajat Verma

Heartiest greetings!

As I look back to observe how far we have come in the past three decades, it fills me with immense pride to realise how we have gone from strength to strength in our growth process. At this juncture, I would like to express my gratitude to our team and partners who guide and motivate us to deliver the best we can. We are thankful for your support throughout these years in helping us accomplish so much in the ever-so-volatile business environment across multiple sectors.

Our core values are influenced by a drive to innovate, excel and curate extraordinary lifestyles. We are paving the way and making our strong mark across industries like real estate development, investment, entertainment, logistics, hospitality and beyond. Our customer-centricity helps us customise and deliver exceptional living experiences. Keeping up with excellence, we are excited to highlight our next big flagship project in Al Marjan, RAK in collaboration with the legendary Aston Martin facing the iconic Wynn Resort. This project reflects all we stand for in terms of quality- innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs, close attention to detail and perfection. Join us in this journey of awe-inspiring elegance and opulence.


Rohit Verma

I bestow my heartfelt greetings and welcome you to explore and learn about Aarvees Group- Your Gateway to Extraordinary Living. The success of Aarvees is an outcome of dedication, commitment and years of resilience driven by innovation, passion and experience. Although the journey to where we stand today has not been easy, we have enjoyed it tremendously and acknowledge that each challenge has been a rich learning process.

I am delighted to announce our new project in Al Marjan, RAK in collaboration with Aston Martin- a fusion of luxury, sophistication and innovation facing the Wynn Resort. I urge you to learn more about our broad portfolio of services by exploring our website about how we are trailblazing industries like real estate development, investemnt, entertainment, logistics and hospitality.